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    Inside WarriorChat you'll be networking with veteran 6, 7 & 8-figure entrepreneurs at the top of their game. Imagine asking true experts for insight & advice. This kind of personal access is absolutley priceless.  Shave years off your learning curve.
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    In WarriorChat, we like to discuss everything that has to do with business, marketing & making money. We've even separated many topics into their own channels so you can talk about the stuff YOU are interested in most.
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    We're all in business... What entrepreneur community would be complete without a place to promote and sell your products & services? That's why we've created a full Marketplace where you can buy, sell & even announce your upcoming launches.
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    You'll get access to exclusive content & training that you can't find anywhere else on the internet. No fluff... We're talking high-level, quality training that can help you find true success. This includes courses orginially sold for thousands of dollars.
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    What's better than live text chat? Live voice & video chat (optional). Inside the voice channel you can pop-in anytime and start talking in real-time with your peers. This is indispensable way to get some serious networking done. Or just hang out!
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    Every week we go live on Zoom to have an open-mic roundtable discussion. You'll get the chance to take the HOT SEAT, live, we ask you about your situation then we all collaborate to on how to 10x it. You'll find these calls are cram packed with gold. This is worth the price of admission alone.

About the Creator

Jeremy Kennedy has spent the last decade helping tens of thousands of people grow their businesses using the internet. As a 40-year-old single father of two boys, his mission since 2012 has been to help ordinary people make extraordinary income online.

After generating over 7-figures online, releasing hundreds of products & and winning dozens of awards, Jeremy decided to create this community with the vision to truly impact entrepreneurs on a very personal level.

What Current Members Are Saying...

Is WarriorChat Right For You?

We welcome everyone and anyone who love talking about business & making money.

Who is this for

  • People with a positive attitude who like to contribute
  • Folks who like to learn & talk about online entrepreneurship with other like-minded individuals
  • Business owners who have products & services to sell
  • Entrepreneurs who want to network with other high-level movers & shakers

Who is this not for

  • People with a negative attitude who like to troll
  • Folks who would rather watch Netflix for hours on end instead of building & improving their business
  • Greedy trolls who only want to spam
  • People who want to peck on the ground with the turkeys instead of fly high with the eagles
Love It or It's Free, Guaranteed!

We know you are going to love being a WarriorChat member. In fact, we guarantee it! Try it out for the next 30-days and if for any reason you don't absolutely love being a member, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Jeremy Kennedy

Exclusive Bonuses, A Complete No-Brainer!

As if WarriorChat wasn't awesome enough, we're adding-on these high value bonuses to make this a complete no-brainer. You won't find access to these exclusive bonuses anywhere else on the internet!


Access to companion FB Group

While WarriorChat lives & breathes inside of Discord (a highly advanced live chat system), many of our members also enjoy other platforms so we've also created a companion Facebook group for folks who prefer it. 


Get a Hot Seat Live Session

When you show up on one of our weekly group live calls, you'll get the chance to take the HOT SEAT, live, we ask you about your situation then we all collaborate to on how to 10x it.


Monthly Giveaways & Contests

We host cash giveaways each month for members through various fun giveaways, leaderboards and contests. Get rewarded with cash for your participation and for simply being a member!

Put Your Wallet Away! Enjoy 2 Full Weeks FREE...

Try It Out For 14 Days Without Paying A Dime! Only $9/month if You Decide to Stay A Member, Easy-to-Cancel Any Time!

FREE 2 Weeks Trial!

Enjoy 2 Full Weeks as a WarriorChat Member for FREE, Without Paying Anything!

  • Full Access to WarriorChat Discord Community
  • Buy & Sell in the WarriorChat Marketplace
  • Weekly Live Roundtable Mastermind Calls
  • Exclusive Online Business Training & Content
  • Chat Openly With 6,7,8 Figure Entrepreneurs
  • Live Audio Voice Chat Rooms Open 24/7 
  • Access to A.I. Bots On Server 
  • Get Real Help On All Aspects of Business
  • Build Friendships with People in The Trenches
  • Promote Your Products & Services for Free
  • Create Powerful Business Partnerships
  • Make Money Directly from The Marketplace
  • Win Fun Prizes & Giveaways
  • Promote As An Affiliate for Monthly Commission
  • Post Ads for Your Own Products & Services
  • Join A Community of Like-Minded Friends


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